Yihang Yuan (soft rebel)

Yihang Yuan


A Hundred of Le(Happiness)       

Paper, Chinese ink     


151cm by 1000cm


I am working on both 2D and 3D, crossing performance, installation, photography and painting. The topic I am looking at reaches into nature, politic, but more on daily life surrounding me. Every artwork I produced are the combination of choosing topics I am interested in and selecting best art languages to express them. My pieces of work share the same element, which is interaction. It involves dialogue between artist and artwork, artist and audience, artwork and environment, nature, and time. I am always trying build up a sense of “framework” with my artwork where viewers are freely alive the system with their own part of creation. My concept of art was coming from mine Chinese background, a society where being connected with others is the essential part.  A group of remarkable Chinese contemporary artists like Xu Bing, Song Dong, and Cai Guoqiang also enlighten my art with their interesting practice and unique “Chinese expression”. So far, I am still testing my limitation of my art and I won’t stop until I really reach the edge.