Using a vending machine to dispense mini zines and other affordable ephemera.  This is very much aimed at artists / writers / zinesters / photographers / illustrators, ALL creators who have not been shown before OR who might have been rejected frequently, those with work that maybe a bit too edgy or completely nuts.

Work should in some way be reflective of things which annoy or bother. The work can and should be as edgy as the artist feels is necessary, as it should be an honest as possible expression and possible venting opportunity. I’d like it to be a collection of all the wrong art, ‘bad’ art as some might say.

There is NO SUBMISSION FEE to enter, so do anything you like, photocopy, make collages or create a mini folding photobook, print on your home/office/library printer!  Or hand write a story!

The size you have to work with is 6cm x 6cm x 2cm, I am aiming for zines or similar mini books, but anything that fits the dimensions will be considered!

All work will be sold at £2 to whoever wishes to use the vending machine.

Submission details:

Submission is free. However the £2 vending price goes towards the cost of the machine and materials. 

The size you have to work with is 6cm x 6cm x 2cm

We may copy the artists original zines in order to increase/replace stock in the machine. However copies will be marked in order to draw a distinction between those and the artists originals.

Unsold zines and items can be collected after the exhibition has ended, dates to be arranged.  

See updates below for “Micro Zine Instructions”  which will include a template you can work from.

Curated by Joseph Simons, submit digital samples of existing work or your idea via

If for any reason you are unable to create a mini zine etc, submit anyway and we might be able to arrange something!