FaB 2, 6-7 New Bond Street Place, Bath BA1 5BH

25 May open 6pm 'til late - #FaB18 Opening Night Arty Party

open 10am to 6pm daily - 26 May to 10 June


Nature Morte


Nature Morte exhibition is a reinterpretation of so called ‘Golden Age’ Dutch Still Life. Still Life traditionally attempts to preserve the ephemeral through meticulous depiction of organic material in different stages of bloom, growth and decay. These paintings often represent human mortality. The paradox lies in the legacy of the work, far outreaching both the subject matter and the artist. What are we preserving by painting flowers when we are also transient?

Within ‘Nature Morte’ contemporary artists explore their own interpretation of this contradiction. Topical themes are discussed utilising tropes of the Still Life genre. Photographers, poets, painters, sculptures and more re-imagine their modern experience through this lens. Work exhibited is personal, political, universal and most of all beautiful.  

Nature Morte invites you to re-envision the Still Life, all are welcome to linger a while.

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Curated by Heather Griffin, contact at nature@fringeartsbath.co.uk