FaB Festival 25 May - 10 June 2018
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FaB Art Market



Our annual pop-up Art Market is a great place to get yourself a masterpiece at street-market price. From Oil Painting to Watercolour, Sculpture to Screen-Printed T-Shirts, the FaB Art Market is a treasure trove of original and collectable wonders, mixing both established local artists and new upcoming art masters of the future.


The #FaB17 Art Market saw 19 Artists and Groups selling their wares in leafy Kingsmead Square surrounded by street performers and the Bath Fringe Festival's Bedlam Sunday Oddities.

Image © Fringe Arts Bath - FaB Art Market 2013 #FaB13

Image © Fringe Arts Bath - FaB Art Market 2013 #FaB13


Date: Sunday 3rd June 2018

Location: Kingsmead Square (T.B.C)

Trading time 1pm-4pm (no vehicle access after 12noon)

Setup 10.30am-11.30am

Please note:

Price: £20 per pitch

Payment: we'll be in touch nearer the date to collect payments

We DO NOT provide tables or covers, you are welcome to bring these

Pitch size approx 2x2 metres (this will fit a good size pasting table)

Please make sure you become prepared for all weather and that you can protect your stock (it's normally a lovely sunny day!)

There will be NO parking on site and NO mains electricity or running water

You are welcome to share pitches eg. studio groups

All fees will go back into the event, Fringe Arts Bath activities and Bath Fringe Festival

We are unable to guarantee the weather, but if the event is cancelled by FaB we will provide a refund

More information will be made available to stall holders ONE week before the event

Please call Arran on 07967 745 351 for more information




Festival 2018


Image © Simon Taylor Photography


Bath Photography Festival 2018

In association with ‘Fringe Arts Bath Festival’ we bring you the first ‘Bath Photography Festival’. The aim of the festival is to promote photography as a way of communicating ideas and thoughts. Bath has a rich photographic heritage; it is the home of the Royal Photographic Society and the Fox Talbot Museum at Lacock Abbey is only 15 miles away.


Real / Unreal


We are bombarded with photographic imagery every day, through news channels, social media, posters, signs and product labels. These images can inspire us, make us question and influence us. However, are these images real or portraying the truth?

Ever since the photography was invented, images have been doctored. The media lends itself to many editing processes; this allows the photographer to change what they see and therefore the viewer’s perception.


Call out

We would like to invite photographers to submit a series of images that respond to the theme, ‘Real / Unreal’. This is a chance to promote and share your work in Bath.


Image Submission

Please send us up to six images alongside a brief 250-word supporting statement. The images must be saved in the following format:

  • Selection Image Size: 1200pix (longest side), JPG file.
  • Naming: Your name, image size cm and title of work, e.g. Your.Name-60×40-Title.jpg

Email your submission to bathphotofest@fringeartsbath.co.uk


Visit bathphotographyfestival.co.uk/about for further info.


Biography in Cloth

Can we find the resonance of a person in cloth?

Can we connect to people and locations through cloth?

Can cloth reverberate with the presence, or absence, of us?

Often we see, or handle, cloth and remember forgotten connections, memories, traumas, even fantasies of who we might like to be.

Cloth is flexible - we are interested in putting together an exhibition which allows the space of cloth, and marks left on cloth, to investigate and refer to human experience.

Curated by Carole Waller and Joanna Wright, submit via cloth@fringeartsbath.co.uk



Doorways are thresholds to somewhere new. Doorways are the physical symbol of the transition – of change – between the ‘now’ and the ‘next’, from ‘here’ to ‘there’; moving in, moving out, moving on. Familiar in ritual, religion, myth and literature, they have emotional power – they are the liminal space between two states of being; a transition that has to be negotiated before the ‘next’ can begin.

This exhibition invites artists to explore the symbolism and significance of doorways as the space between the ‘now’ and the ‘next’. Is a doorway full of the promise of new beginnings, arrivals, opportunities? Or laced with the fear of the unseen? Do open doorways suggest a refuge, an entrance or an exit? Life or death? Do closed doors represent protection or imprisonment? Does it matter what side you’re on?

Curated by Mike & Dona Bradley, submit via doorways@fringeartsbath.co.uk


1 city, 10 hours,

20 themes, 20 photos



The FaB Photomarathon

Sat 5 May 2018


The FaB Photomarathon charts a psychogeographical ramble through the streets of Bath. See a different side of Bath in the results of this creative annual event which draws photographers of all ages and skill levels.

That’s right, the challenge is laid down again! You have 10h to take 20 photos following 20 themes in the correct order. Both film and digital entries are welcome, the results will be exhibited during the FaB Festival fortnight.


Let’s completely reimagine Bath’s transport, there are no costs involved, no targets to be reached, just wild and imaginative thinking.

This city has been arguing about transport. Grey men in grey suits walk grey corridors tinkering with grey plans to create grey solutions. This is not working.

Art has a great capacity to transform thoughts into imaginative spaces that can help individuals reimagine the world that they presently inhabit, into a world that has other possibilities.

The two themes for this exhibition are data and transformation.

What ideas can artists put forward to initiate behavioural and social change? What information can artists show that will create a new zeitgeist, and effect policy change that makes the last 100 years of the ego-centric automobile seem redundant and wasteful?

Curated by Joanna Wright, submit via car@fringeartsbath.co.uk



Using a vending machine to dispense mini zines and other wonders this is very much aimed at artists/writers/photographers/illustrators ALL creators who have not been shown before OR who might have been rejected frequently, those who’s work is maybe a bit to edgy or completely nuts.

Work should in some way be reflective of things which annoy or bother. The work can and should be as edgy as the artist feels is necessary, it should be an honest as possible expression and possible venting opportunity. I’d like it to be a collection of all the wrong art, ‘bad’ art as some might say.

Work needs to be a high resolution file, supplied as or translatable into a zine format. Further details to follow.

Work will be sold at a low cost to who ever wishes to put money into the vending machine.

Curated by Joseph Simons, submit via gripe@fringeartsbath.co.uk

It Sounds Devicive!

We are surrounded by devices & machines that create sound all day, every day. These can be found in our household or work spaces. Some are quiet, others loud & others unheard. What are the devices or machines telling us? We often ignore them & the sounds they make. We can even be the ones making the sounds, using the devices or machines without realising.

‘It Sounds Devicive!’ has a fascination with the mechanics of sound & invites people who use devices or machines within their practice. Submissions can be sound devices, machines, sculptures, installations, objects, discoveries, analysis & much more. Performative pieces are also welcome although space maybe limited so the smaller in scale the better.

Let's let the devices or machines be heard! remember 'It Sounds Devicive!'

Curated by Lee Riley, submit via sounds@fringeartsbath.co.uk



Textiling with the more-than-human

KINdoms explores textile arts inspired by eco-feminism/phenomenology. Dispense with the hierarchies between ourselves and non-human species – we only exist as part of a larger web - the elements are in & around us.

As meshes of plant, animal, mineral networks, textiles are nomadic across species, time, place and material state. So, explore textiles as an interface, (de)construction or surface with Others / Self. All around us is vibrant matter, invisible yet perceptible eg. air, rainwater, starlight. Connect with real or imagined trees, animals, seasons, or the soil with textiles.

Work with stitch, (3D)print, weave, knit, dye etc in any scale and a flow of agency between 2D/3D, image, text, trad crafts & new techs. It can be a way of dialoging with ‘natural’ worlds & source materials of low eco impact.

Curated by Patricia Brien, submit via kindoms@fringeartsbath.co.uk



An ambitious series of exhibitions and events focussed on the vital themes of growth and decay.


You can say the word live in two ways. live is an initiative that will bring both definitions together, in a series of exhibitions, installations and performances in the heritage city of Bath. live is planned as a key element of FaB18, next year’s manifestation of the city’s celebrated festival of contemporary visual art. It is scheduled for the two weeks May 25 – June 10, 2018.


As well as a series of exhibitions of arresting and original artworks -some of them made from living materials-  there will live interventions, involving performance artists, poets, musicians, film and video makers. This list of potential participants is not exclusive. We are also encouraging the participation of thinkers, scientists, activists and other kinds of specialist, who can lead conversations in unexpected directions.


Like the word live, the themes of growth and decay can be addressed in different ways: seen through the lenses of philosophy, science, politics and humankind’s troubled relationship with the rest of nature – at the level of the globe, society or the individual person. The creators of live sense the need for an inclusive and diverse approach when addressing matters so urgent and essential. We intend this initiative to be provocative and surprising, beautiful and inspiring.


The core venue for live will be Walcot Chapel, in central Bath, the tree-filled cemetery which surrounds it and the intimate park alongside. The Tardis-like chapel has been a welcoming venue for memorable exhibitions and events for several decades now. On this occasion, we intend that it should take on something of the form of a living, growing (and possibly decaying) organism. And this sense of growth and decay will spread out into the surroundings… into the graveyard, the park and along Walcot Street into the heart of the city. We wish to explore ways of using growth and decay as the medium as well as the message, but this does not preclude other media, whether established or exploratory.


Transformed by inventive visual art, Walcot Chapel will also be used for intimate performances (of various kinds) and open conversations, led by people with something to say, and with open ears and minds.


We expect live to pop up in several other venues across Bath and beyond. And we are working to establish productive relationships with kindred organisations. FaB has been successfully organising exhibitions in an extraordinary range of venues for a dozen years now. And, over time, it has built up positive relationships with hundreds of curators and thousands of artists, as well as scores of institutions. This is a tradition we are determined to help grow.


Curated by Geoff Dunlop, submit via live@fringeartsbath.co.uk

Living in Hyperreality

Hyperreality is the semantically postmodern condition of being unable to distinguish reality from the simulation of it. French philosopher Jean Baudrillard coined the term in the 1980's ascribing it to the world he knew then, for the native internet generation, living in the simulacra is now as natural as living in the real; the disassociating effects of the digital are felt more than any other generation that came before. Today the merging of learned and imagined mythologies collide with indistinct spaces, virtual human relations and a cacophony of truths and non-truths. So how do emerging contemporary artists explore their lived and experienced hyperrealities?

Accepting any medium in response to the theme. The exhibition will occupy three dimensions of the space and particularly invites photographic, screen-based and sculptural pieces. Information on how to submit can be found here

Curated by Kristian Stapleton, submit via hyperreality@fringeartsbath.co.uk


LoL = Lexicon of Lust

In Art we feel that meaning has become meaningless. Or do we - perhaps we don't mean that? We welcome work that is playful, ambiguous, theatrical, dystopian, humorous, contrarian and perhaps even alludes to the figurative. A good title will go a long way. No paintings, drawings or performances thank you - just 'things' that we can 'lust' over.

Curated by Death and Glitter, submit via lust@fringeartsbath.co.uk

Nature Morte

Nature Morte' aims to reinterpret Golden Age Dutch Still Life paintings. Still Life traditionally attempts to preserve the ephemeral through meticulous depiction of organic material in different stages of bloom, growth and decay. These paintings often represent human mortality. The paradox lies in the legacy of the work, far outreaching both the subject matter and the artist. What are we preserving by painting flowers when we are also transient?

I am seeking artwork that distils the rich lingering of a Still Life, yet, is rooted conceptually in topical issues. Thus re-imagines and rejuvenates the genre.

I will be inviting artists to respond to the contradiction of Still Life and to capture the relevance of Still Life in contemporary society. Artists of all disciplines are welcome to aid my metamorphosis of this trope.

Curated by Heather Griffin, submit via nature@fringeartsbath.co.uk


Normal papers

This exhibition invites its audience to look more closely at incidental mark making of doodles, the simple beauty of a to-do list, colour coding, setting out of information, work plans on the back of an envelope and so on,
in order to appreciate their unassuming simplicity and visual qualities.

Submit your images of your to-do lists, working plans and visual problem solving, diagrams and doodles, whether on scrap paper, the back of an envelope, in chalk on the ground, or on a 3D object.

The work presented could include the original object (2D or 3D) or a photograph of the object, (please specify in application).

Curated by Sophie Lowe, submit via normal@fringeartsbath.co.uk


Only Human

Only Human explores the themes of human vs technology and the impact on our mental health.

Technology has made us all into clones leaving us running our lives through a screen, camouflaged with a filter and pending on that one extra ‘like’ to make us ‘feel good’. We must celebrate our individuality and not be afraid of showing it. For, after all we are all only human.

Artists have responded to this with their views, or personal experiences of these issues.The work exhibited includes textiles, photography, paint, print, illustration, collage, installation and film.

Curated by Emma Roch, submit via human@fringeartsbath.co.uk

Pavilion of Painting

The ‘Pavilion of Painting’, an experimental art space with a focus on painting
in its widest form, from drawing to performance, figurative painting or landscape to abstraction.

A space for the imagination, encouraging and reflecting, with a knowing reference to a biennale pavilion or the Royal Academy ‘Summer Show’, a large open invitation and invited artists group show, and an artist residency programme on site.

The ‘Pavilion of Painting’ a survey of painting today, so vibrant in the area of Bath, Bristol and South West and celebrating collaboration with galleries and art schools: ‘a space for the imagination and a place for everyone to explore.

Curated by David Moxon & Neil Fuller, submit via pavilion@fringeartsbath.co.uk


Radical social practice

Artists who engage with social and environmental issues. Who have a belief in cultural and creative expression as a means to affect deep and lasting social change.

Art that;

  • can ignite outrage, demand change, provide a platform for reflection and collaboration.
  • brings people together, fosters understanding, empowers individuals and builds communities
  • deals with matters of the human condition exposing beauty, horror and humour.
  • invites visitors to participate by sharing stories.
  • changes the way we perceive the world.
  • is a dialogue striving to structure, shape, transform society and the environment.
  • stirs consciousness.
  • questions society's deepest assumptions.
  • engages, facilitates and participates communities in an interactive exchange.

If we want respect, love and beauty, we must actively promote it through our art.

Curated by Tom Barker, submit via radical@fringeartsbath.co.uk

Soft Rebellion

Soft Rebellion is an exhibition centred around the Meta-Modernist school of thinking. This exhibition will showcase artists whose work embodies a sense of sincerity, informed naivety and optimism.

Our aim is to celebrate a passion-driven, fluid, and sceptical (but non-cynical) outlook towards art. Communicating a sense of subjective truth while being conscious of the interpersonal. We don’t reject any style, method or material -but we're mindfully in opposition to sensationalism, irony-for-irony-sake, Zombiism and Absolutism.

This is a soft artistic rebellion -not pure but pragmatic, passionate but informed. we aren’t looking to overthrow modernist and post-modernist teachings but instead move forwards without the negative constructs or connotations of both.

All mediums, methods and proposals welcome.

Meta-Modernism: www.metamodernism.org

Curated by Toby (Tobes) Rainbird, submit via rebellion@fringeartsbath.co.uk

The Jersey Triangle. Digital Collage. Sam Morgan. 2017

The Jersey Triangle. Digital Collage. Sam Morgan. 2017



Nostalgia has traditionally represented a mythic past, a time significantly far away from the present. More and more the time frame which promotes a nostalgic response is shortening, a flattening of time, an atemporal and post- modern nostalgia is emerging to shape our present. Some questions the exhibition hopes to examine are: Is this contemporary experience of nostalgia fuelled by the disappearance of the promise of a secure future? Stable employment, housing and affordable education now seem lost to generations.

Does nostalgia drive defensive and regressive politics? Is nostalgia and the experience economy killing youth culture? What is the relationship between social media and nostalgia, do we live in constant anticipation of the memory?

Curated by Charlotte Martin, submit via souvenir@fringeartsbath.co.uk

This Temporary Matter

Taking its lead from vanitas and memento mori concerns, This Temporary Matter will further explore these ideas by bringing together ephemeral works created in materials that also have a definite life span. The show's duration will therefore serve as a ticking clock for each work's actual birth and death, and the use of interesting/experimental mediums will mean that the work will challenge traditional notions of material choice and longevity in terms of meaning as well as substance. By using both form and concept to examine the absurdity/humour/excitement/sadness/wonder/freedom/truth in the fact that everything has an ultimate end point, the audience will physically and philosophically be placed in the present to celebrate the unique moment they're experiencing right here, right now.

Curated by Zoe Toolan, submit via temporary@fringeartsbath.co.uk


Without darkness there is no light

Kathy Wyatt and Nicolette McGuire are looking for artists who explore the edge of light and dark in their work. The line between deep shadow and brilliant sunlight, between the translucent and transparent, the depth of shadow and the gradations towards light. We are looking for artists who work in any media including Installation/video/photography/painting/performance or a combination of these. We would also be interested in applications from artists whose art work includes subject areas outside of art.

Curated by Nicolette McGuire & Kathy Wyatt, submit via darkness@fringeartsbath.co.uk