Soft Rebellion

Soft Rebellion is an exhibition centred around the Meta-Modernist school of thinking. This exhibition will showcase artists whose work embodies a sense of sincerity, informed naivety and optimism.

Our aim is to celebrate a passion-driven, fluid, and sceptical (but non-cynical) outlook towards art. Communicating a sense of subjective truth while being conscious of the interpersonal. We don’t reject any style, method or material -but we're mindfully in opposition to sensationalism, irony-for-irony-sake, Zombiism and Absolutism.

This is a soft artistic rebellion -not pure but pragmatic, passionate but informed. we aren’t looking to overthrow modernist and post-modernist teachings but instead move forwards without the negative constructs or connotations of both.

All mediums, methods and proposals welcome.

To submit work or a proposal, email up to 500 words and accompanying images to by 20th March 2018.


Curated by Toby (Tobes) Rainbird, submit via

 The Jersey Triangle. Digital Collage. By Sam Morgan. 2017

The Jersey Triangle. Digital Collage. By Sam Morgan. 2017