GIFs, memes and emojis are the visual language of our digital presence. Moving freely across screens and platforms, they roam the internet, breaking our world down into yellow faces, cutting glances and purple vegetables.

Nothing is sacred and immune from the comic gaze of GIFs, memes and emojis as they reduce life to images for mass consumption.

Instantly recognisable and culturally specific, they come with their own index; languages with their own grammar and glossary. Through a syntax of image, icon and text, they mock the world with uncanny clarity.

.GIF will explore the fertile negotiations between contemporary art and the aesthetic of our online presence.

.GIF Launch Event: The exhibition will launch with a live night of performances in event of debaucherous post-internet paraphernalia.

Curated by Chris Ansell.

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…



21st Century Neanderthal

21st century Neanderthal is a research into today’s online dating world seen through artists’ eyes, mixed with every day’s righteousness and immorality.

The impersonality of online dating caused us to question the behaviour of current society. We invited artists to step into this digital world where fantasy and reality blur, where the lines cross and the perfect version of the truth is never quite what it seems. Communication is contorted as the rules no longer apply.

Things are sometimes easier to understand if they are put into art form. Some rough experiences may be overcome when one takes time to transform them into art. The unsuspecting dating site users might become warned of potential dangers or distressing situations. Someone might just be sharing their hilarious story of a disasterous date that they will be telling their grandchildren.

This exhibition challenges and exposes these online experiences through art, engaging visitors to share their own.

Curated by Nina Jesih.

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…



A few images from Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2017 #FaB17


36 Exposures, working with found photography

36 Exposures celebrates the analogue and physical side of photo image making, it works with the redundant technologies of the past as fresh materials for new types of work. Photography is increasingly digital and as such the materials become harder to find, a torn snapshot in the street, a pack of old negatives and discarded off cuts all have new potential for works that create new narratives. This is a evolving body of work that welcomes the challenge of working with found and salvaged materials in new ways, as well as finding new ways to look at the treasured images of the past we may be fortunate enough to find on our travels.

Curated by Ash van Dyck.

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…


A Sonic Bath

A Sonic Bath is an exhibition centred on haptic perception or aspects of sound that can be felt. It showcases sonic artists whose work embodies vibration as a way to connect sound, space and body.

The aim is to explore how a sensory experience can inform our existence and through knowledge gained from the senses particularly that of touch and by how feeling the environment through the body, bones and skin can inform about self, space and culture.

The gallery becomes more than just something to hear and see, it becomes a meta- sphere of information, as it gently strokes, bathes and connects each element within it.

Curated by Justine Flynn.

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…



Bath Open Art Prize 2019

Artists working in all mediums are invited to enter the Bath Open Art prize, now in its 9th year.

£20 for 1 submission, £30 for up to 3 submissions, deadline Friday 26th April 2019.

Selected works will be shown at 44ad during FaB 2019, prizes include £250 cash, £100 cash, £50 art vouchers and a solo exhibition.

To find out more about The Bath Open Art Prize 2019, judges, awards and how to enter, please visit www.bathopenartprize.co.uk


‘Creature', a Collaborative Songbook

Creatures of habit,

Uncontrollable beasts,

The ones within…

And the ones without.

Participants are invited to submit one song around the theme of ‘Creature’. The selected songs will be anthologised into a printed songbook.

Contributors are encouraged to play with the format of song-writing.

There are no strict rules as to what constitutes a song; only that contributors should be honest about how they visualise their music.

It could be sheet music, a visual score, chords, rough notes, an illustration, a list of words to be read in no particular order… Long, short, personal or impersonal, easy or impossible to perform.

As this is a publication, artists should send their song in a visual format, as opposed to a sound recording.

During FaB19, there will be an event to launch the songbook, where contributing artists will be invited to discuss and perform their compositions.

See previous collaborative songbooks here: www.cyeoh.com/mobhanded-press

Curated by Chris Yeoh and Marion Eele (Mob-Handed Press).

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…



In 2017 an elite group of six artists were enlisted by FaB. They set rules for themselves, and each other, and a group of installations grew. Over time those strictures were bent and transgressed allowing for experimentation which resulted in a ‘merged’ artwork. Taking their name from this event, De/Select was established as a means to explore developing work as a group, testing new approaches to making, and the performative aspects of making.

Dead|Line moves on from setting rules to a principal guiding value: collaboration. In an era of consumer individualism, internal division, separatism and national self-interest, collaboration is a revolutionary act. Ego will be challenged to engage in a creative space(s) where ‘ideas are animals’, individual control blends into shared authorship, we will be agents of change and work is made and unmade. Participants bring materials, starting points and conversations around issues around positive social action.

Each day brings an opportunity to undo and redo, as a performative open practise involving all present and developing a commentary around that day’s experience of collaboration.

Curated by De/Select.

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…


Deviation Street

The Street has been viewed traditionally as a collection of buildings found in cities towns and villages across the globe.

The street provides a space for living and social interaction, the street also functions on differing levels, as a physical space and psychological place where we are known/unknown.

In addition Digital Technology is now becoming an integral aspect of the street.

The Smart Street is rapidly becoming a site for unseen interactions beyond the use of power cables and service facilities. Although unseen, platforms such as social media are never the less mechanisms which have been constructed by the few for the many.

Does the emergence of the smart street enhance or reduce the autonomy of our day to day lives? How does this impact on the psychologies of people within the street ? Our digital neighbours reside in Tokyo, Beijing and beyond. Will augmented reality provide us with streets within street? deviationstreetmagazine.com.

Curated by Brian Gibson.

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…


Disordered States

Undertake an image search for ‘mental illness’ on the internet and you are faced with pages of clichéd head-clutchers, word clouds and monsters. Disordered States is searching for a new visual language for mental health.

In a radical step, we want to look at the mechanisms, thought processes and actions involved in mental illness, rejecting historical, representational and figurative tropes and moving towards a more critical discourse.

Disordered States is seeking artists with lived experience of mental health problems who embody their experiences in their practice. Moving towards a new visual language for mental health, we aim to show 2D works, 3D objects, installations and performance-based pieces which engage with the internal processes and external actions of mental illnesses.

Curated by Kate McDonnell and Matthew Dibble.

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…



'There is no such thing as an uninteresting subject; the only thing that can exist is an uninterested person.' Gilbert Keith Chesterton.

Many of the most engaging works of art are born of an artist’s fascination with a subject, concept or material that others might overlook.

For this exhibition, we are interested in working with artists in all disciplines who are drawn to what other people might initially deem to be dull – artists who notice and perceive things in ordinary and everyday places, things, materials or situations that other people don’t, for example.

In entitling our exhibition 'Dull', we hope to encourage viewers to rethink this commonly used term. Who decides what is dull or interesting? The term ‘dull’ has a number of meanings and connotations; we would like to invite artists to consider and interpret it in their own way, to produce work that challenges preconceptions and engages the viewer.

Curated by Sightlines Projects in collaboration with Beth Biddiss.

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…


A few images from Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2016 #FaB16



“altars and shrines are external representations of interior mysteries memories” I would like to invite artists to respond to the broad sentiment underpinning the theme, 'Enshrine'. The one rule that is imposed on the artists is to ensure that the shrines are portable. The work can be all about the frame i.e the exterior of the shrine or it could be about what is enshrined within.

There is a certain physical space/object that we assign to be our personal psychological shrine. The enshrined place is a space that exists between the past and the present, a temporary suspension of time. The relics within are signifiers of identities and histories of the self. This exhibition will showcase artists who are able to create works that are deeply personal. The works will be installed in a shrine-like environment making the viewers experience an intimate one.

Curated by Rekha Sameer Jalundhwala.

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…


Fantastic and Strange

Many humans are curious. Curious about things that are deemed weird or different. Things that are exquisite yet grotesque. Things that are delicate yet sinister. Things we don’t always understand.

Fantastic and Strange will explore the idea of the weird and wonderful, the eccentric and sensational. Art, ideas or items that are bizarre, eerie, mysterious, unconventional, supernatural or unexpected.

Looking for artists of any discipline whose work falters between the odd and the beautiful, extravagant yet awkward. Works of art that both draw you in yet repel you or contradict in message, media or ideas.

Fantastic and Strange will combine these different approaches and concepts of different artists to produce it’s own wondrous museum of curiosities.

Curated by Clare Winnan.

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…



Call for artists - Hidden

Does your work explore the understated, ineffable, invisible or secret? Or themes that relate to concealment,the unseen, covered, camouflaged, disguised, masked, shrouded, veiled, unrevealed. We are looking for artists that explore contemporary interpretations of this theme, work should be innovative, experimental and original.

Curated by Anna Boland and Janie George.

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…


Ice Flow


Ebb and flow creates a recurrent pattern of coming and going or decline and regrowth. Whether it be associated with water, etherial or physical form, a sense of movement pushing forwards but being pulled back.

The word flow represents freedom of movement  the idea of ICE is of a hard solid structure the stress of these two ideas being juxtaposed creates an endless rhythm of journeys that are interminable, sagas of epic constraint never reaching a conclusion.

This call out is designed for timetabled performances of any genre. The location is at The ICE.

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…



The ‘SELF’ has always been at the forefront of art history. In the realistic depictions of the old masters, emotional expressions of the modernists or the ideological stances of the contemporaries. How far removed is the artist from the work and what defines the artist’s sense of identity? Is the self within art purely constructed, an artifice - or is all art purely biographical?

This exhibition is a collection of artwork that tackles the subject of ‘SELF’. With a mixture of 'traditional' self-portraiture, conceptual, performance, video, abstract, etc. This exhibition is an exploration of the artists' idea of ‘SELF’.

Curated by Toby Rainbird.


Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…


A few images from Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2018 #FaB18


Size Matters

A big exhibition of diminutive artworks! Size Matters invites artists to produce works that measure precisely 5cm squared, cubed or prismatic, or multiples thereof. No matter the subject that the artist engages with, Size Matters aims to encourage the artist to consider the impact of scale on their work.

5cm might be tiny if your practice is architectural or elephantine, but ginormous if your work is microbial or introspective.

Does a 5cm square become a tiny window onto a big issue like climate change or inequality; a window so tiny that you can’t see the wood for the trees? Or does it become a focus on one small part of the bigger picture; an example or just one cog in the wheel? Equally, could the 5cm scale elevate an insignificant experience that would otherwise not be mentioned at all? Given the slightly unorthodox size and shape for an artwork, submissions might reflect directly on the nature of scale or format. As well as painting, print, drawing and sculpture, submissions may also be for installations, films, sound or performance work.

As well as intending to pose a conundrum for any artist, Size Matters also serves as a metaphor for the individual within a community. As a whole, the mass of many artworks, each with their own individual concerns, share a form that gives them aesthetic unity. It represents a varied populous each dealing with a common problem in their own way.

Curated by Mark Fearbunce.

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…



Telling Spaces

Mediums: Live Performance, and recoded sound; using public spaces in the city of Bath, indoor or outdoor.

Using sound and proximity, invite explorations in a wide range of auditory experiences. This might also include working with artists and audience members who describe themselves as ‘hearing impaired’ to whom sound may be intermittent or translated into vibrations.

Contributions might include ‘Telling the story of the House’ -taking audiences into the different rooms and introducing fictitious events; experimenting with echo - under a bridge; sitting in a small, dark, cubicle in which individual audience members listen to an audio description of being in a large, open space; writing/drawing in response to drummers; videos that use unsynchronized dubbing; absurd iPhone interventions.

Curated by Vicky Vatcher.

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…


The Workshop

For The Workshop I am interested in works that portray the relationships we have with machines, from the cloying devotion to personal machines, where phones become as important to us as cherished pets or beloved family members, to the fear of what the future holds for humans as machines take over and humans end up redundant. Are we sacrificing our humanity and becoming part human, part computer hybrids? Are there good machines and bad machines; is a washing machine or a hairdryer benign and a super computer or a gun evil? How much control do we really have over machines we have invented and built?

I'm the operator

With my pocket calculator

I'm the operator

With my pocket calculator


I am looking for 2D (portraiture, homages and fan art) and 3D works (hybrids, chimeras and model making) and kinetic artwork (large and small scale and noisy)

Curated by Helen Grundy and Paul Johnson.

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…


This woman’s work

In our exhibition we consider the idea of a ‘feminine’ aesthetic and in doing so ask the following questions:

What subject matter might be included or excluded?

Are feminist principles implicit to the very idea?

Might a ’feminine’ aesthetic be translated as a heightened femininity; or perhaps as a more overt political statement?

Might it infer the domestic and/or mundane routines of the everyday; might it refer to motherhood and specifically female bodily attributes?

We believe that there are many ‘feminine’ aesthetics and that such a stance could be(come) a playful, openly liberating force for creatives and are keen to include works that respond to our questions in diverse, performative and engaging ways that will entice viewers to look again.

We want to celebrate the idea of a ‘feminine’ aesthetic and are excited to see what a collection of ‘feminine’ aesthetics might look/feel like when brought together in conversation with one another.

Over to you artists!

Curated by Adams and Whiting.

Closed to submissions - watch this space for exhibition info…



A few images from Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2013 #FaB13